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Jun 13 2012

The Obigatory Explanation

Hi there perusers of the Internet and more than likely folks who googled Teach for America special education New York City (let’s be real, I don’t know how else you would end up here), this is my blog. Let me tell you a little about why I’m writing it. I worked in Bushwick, Brooklyn teaching 7th grade special education for two years during my time with TFA. I have a plethora of stories from my time as a teacher and I’m hoping to integrate them into this as a way to reflect on special education law as it is written and as it actually plays out in the classroom, but I want the perspective to be through my current role as a Legal Associate in the Special Education Unit at the Department of Education in New York City. I want to inform you of current trends and reforms in special education law, so you can be informed about your student’s rights and make sure your classroom in operating as it should under the law. I want this to be a professional resource for you. Best of luck in your time teaching!

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